Why do leaves change colour in Autumn?

Set up your own chromatography lab and explore why leaves change colour in the autumn from green to red and yellow.

Watch our easy-to-follow guide and check out our free online resources for more biology activities: https://www.rsb.org.uk/getinvolved

Royal Society of Biology hands-on science activities at Sidmouth Science festival

The Royal Society of Biology is a membership organisation for biologists worldwide, with 17,500 members and counting! We work to provide a unified voice for the biosciences for policy and education, and also bring the wonders and importance of the biosciences to audiences across the UK and beyond. The Royal Society of Biology outreach and engagement team have produced activities as part of this year's online Sidmouth Science Festival.

You can get involved with the festival from the comfort of your own home - just choose one of the easy to follow scientific experiments to do below! Post photos of you in action on twitter and tag @RoyalSocBio and @SidmouthScience to let us know.