Cafe Scientifique:Is the planet really being cooked; if so what can be done about it quickly?

Tuesday 19th September 2023 3:00PM – 4:00PM
Location/Venue: Cellar Bar Kennaway House EX10 8NG

Professor Alan Gadian will ask the question “Is the planet really being cooked? If so what can be done about it quickly?”

Alan Gadian is a (visiting) Professor of Dynamical Meteorology at the University of Leeds where he still works part time.  He completed his Phd on the dynamics of the Martian Atmosphere at Imperial College and worked at the Universities of Exeter, Manchester and finally, for the last 20 years, at the University of Leeds in the National Centre for Atmospheric Sciences.  He currently advises the  Office of Nuclear Regulation, ( UK Government Regulator for the New Nuclear Build Programme) Expert Panel on Natural Hazards as their Meteorology Expert.  He has lived in Sidmouth for more than 7 years.

Entry £2.50 to include a hot drink and biscuit

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