Cafe Scientifique: Am I a Guinea Pig, Doctor?

Tuesday 21st May 2024 3:00PM
Location/Venue: Cellar Bar, Kennaway House, EX10 8NG

The May Cafe Scientifique will take place on Tuesday 21st May at 3.00pm when Dr Jan Kohler will give the talk entitled ‘Am I a Guinea Pig, Doctor?’

Progress in medical treatment has been made largely through well organised clinical trials, where the efficacy of a new drug or procedure is tested whilst monitoring any side effects. Jan will trace the history and development of clinical trials from Scurvy to Covid, illustrating her talk with examples from her own experience in childhood cancer.

During her working life, Jan was the Principle Investigator in Southampton for numerous cancer trials. She was also Chief investigator for several National and European trials in neuroblastoma, and chaired the UK Clinical Research Governance Group for children’s cancer. In retirement she has served on a NICE committee for the appraisal of new drugs and technologies, and chaired the Trial Steering Committee for a European study in neuroblastoma.

Please note that this event will be live at the Cellar Bar at Kennaway House, Coburg Road EX10 8NG. You will be expected to pay £2.50 entrance which includes a hot drink. (Or pay £2.50 for a hot drink and then come in free!) Please come prepared.

Everyone welcome