Cafe Scientifique: How to Fall in Love with Honeybees

Tuesday 18th September 2018 3:00PM – 4:30PM
Location/Venue: Cellar Bar

Jacqueline Freeman’s biodynamic farm in western USA is alive with animals, bees, gardens, orchards and wildlife. In 2004 she welcomed honeybees onto her farm, but rather than following the conventional approach, she sought a more respectful way that acknowledged the way feral bees live. She blends bee-centric beekeeping and insights into the nature of bees, encouraging beekeepers to enter into respectful relationships, to passionately fall in love with the bee community, and to celebrate a compassionate co-existence with bees and all Nature.

Jacqueline speaks bee. She teaches throughout north America and Europe and worked in Dominican Republic with rural beekeepers, combining sustainable organic practices with historic beekeeping methods. She appears as the gentle swarm rescuer in the documentary, “Queen of the Sun.” Her articles on honeybees and progressive agriculture appear in national magazines.

Her book, “Song of Increase: Listening to the Wisdom of Honeybees for Kinder Beekeeping and a Better World,” describes the bees’ intelligent, generous and exemplary role in Nature as models of community. The book is published in English, French, Dutch and soon in Spanish and Swedish. Visit to see videos of her working with thousands of bees, free of protective equipment, celebrating the caring and considerate ways humans and bees can exist in harmony.

Talk followed by book signing.

Venue: Cellar Bar, Kennaway House, Sidmouth, EX10 8NG