Cafe Scientifique Live: Muscle Loss

Tuesday 20th September 2022 3:00PM – 4:30PM
Location/Venue: Cellar Bar Kennaway House EX10 8NG

Rosalind West from the University of Exeter

Muscle loss affects everyone at some point. Whether it’s due to injury, surgery or getting old. Differences in how we lose muscle loss in each of these is the key to knowing how to prevent it. 

From traditional exercise and dietary techniques Rosalind discusses current ideas and myths around what does and doesn’t work. 

In a novel approach, extreme expeditions can offer useful insights into how and why the human body loses muscle. 

The good news is that getting older does not mean losing as much muscle as we think. 

Rosalind West is a Specialist Physiotherapist, having worked for the RD&E for past 4 years, safety officer for an annual ocean rowing race and now studying for a PhD in muscle loss prevention at University of Exeter. 

This event is the first Cafe Scientifique Live since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. You will be expected to pay £2.50 entrance to include a hot drink so please come prepared.