Climate Week: More Farmers, More Food – Film

Thursday 15th March 2018 7:30PM – 9:30PM

More Farmers, More Food – Film Evening 

This year for Climate Week we are focussing on food, its production and security of supplies.

This evening we will be showing a short film, “In Our Hands”, which showcases a variety of smaller scaled ecological farms in the UK which are providing an alternative model to big agribusiness.

In general the film points out the problems with our current food production system, and how we might move towards something more sustainable in terms of ecology and relocalising food production so that everyone can have access to good nutritious food, and we can start to regenerate our rural economies, and farmland, to that end. 

Ruth Hancock from Fresh and Green Vegetables who grows vegetables locally at Venn Ottery and runs a box scheme will be on hand to answer any questions. During the evening there will be soup available for a donation made from Ruth’s fresh vegetables.

This is a free event but donations welcome.

7.30pm on Thursday 15th March in the Cellar Bar, Kennaway House, Sidmouth EX10 8NG