In Company Of Giants

Thursday 10th October 2019 7:30PM – 9:00PM
Location/Venue: Manor Pavilion Theatre Manor Road Sidmouth EX10 8RP

‘Big animals are my passion’. That’s how multi-award winning cameraman Doug Allan introduces his new show – In The Company Of Giants.

What’s it like to face a hungry polar bear and its cubs as they emerge from their den? Or swim eye to eye with an enormous Southern Right Whale? How do you look for killer whales in the vast reaches of the seas around Antarctica?

Join Doug for an unforgettable evening of extraordinary animal adventures and unique wildlife film footage. Ask Doug questions about his encounters and travels, and discover what it’s like to be up close and personal with nature’s biggest creatures.

Doug Allan is a freelance wildlife and documentary cameraman who films both topside and underwater. Born in 1951 in Scotland, he graduated with an honours degree in marine biology from Stirling University in 1973. On completion of his degree, he decided that science at the sharp end wasn’t quite where he sought to be. Over the years Doug has contributed to The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Life, Human Planet, Frozen Planet, Expedition Iceberg, Forces of Nature and many other programmes he has made over 100 filming trips, including orcas attacking gray whales off California, polar bears trying to capture belugas in a frozen hole in Arctic Canada, and killer whales washing seals off ice floes in Antarctica – all on screen firsts. See more on Doug on his website.

The event has been organised in collaboration with the Sid Vale Association. Entry: £3 cash only at the door.