Exoplanet zoo and Stellar fireworks

Sunday 15th October 2023 11:30AM – 11:30AM
Location/Venue: Norman Lockyer Observatory EX10 0NY

Two short talks from Space Exe to uncover the diversity of the Exoplants in our galaxy, and to discuss rare types of stellar explosions and the lifecycles of stars.

Alex Mcginty is a final year masters student studying Physics with Astrophysics at the University of Exeter and president of the University’s astronomy society Space Exe. Since 1995 we have discovered over 5000 exoplanets, with each planet having its own unique personality. In my talk we will explore the Exoplanet zoo to uncover the diversity of the Exoplanets within our galaxy.

Alumdena Visser Velez is a final year Physics with Astrophyiscs student at the University of Exeter and recently completed two summer internships, researching star formation and supernovae. I’ll be talking about research I did at Chalmers University in Sweden on star birth in molecular clouds and my project with the University of Cambridge on a rare type of stellar explosion and discussing the lifecycles of stars.