Fatberg Analysis

Sunday 11th October 2020 3:00PM – 4:00PM
Location/Venue: Online Only

In this meeting, John will discuss the University of Exeter team’s findings and the lessons we can all learn from the, now infamous, Sidmouth Fatberg.

Professor John Love is Chair of Synthetic Biology and Director of the at BioEconomy Centre at the University of Exeter, which he joined as a lecturer in 2003.  His ambition is to use scientific knowledge to address real-world problems, by performing cutting-edge research and engaging directly with non-academic organisations and the public to bring new discoveries from the University to those best placed to accelerate their exploitation and commercialisation.

Since 2005, his laboratory has largely been engaged in developing biofuels that exactly match the constituents of petroleum, aiming to accelerate the commercialisation of advanced, carbon-neutral fuels, including within the aviation sector where no such alternatives currently exist. 

Just before Christmas in 2018, South West Water discovered a monstrous, 64 m long “fatberg” in the sewers below The Esplanade in Sidmouth.  Prof. Love and colleagues from Exeter University were asked to carry out an extensive ‘autopsy’ of the fatberg to try and solve the mystery of how it was constructed, and, most importantly, whether it posed any environmental risks.  It was then that John realised his job was going down the drain…

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