The fighting life of sea anemones

Wednesday 12th October 2022 2:00PM – 2:00PM
Location/Venue: Parish Church Sidmouth EX10 8LG

Sarah Lane

Throughout history sea anemones have been celebrated for their peaceful beauty, becoming known as the flowers and jewels of the sea. But beneath this surface beauty, sea anemones live a dynamic and far from peaceful existence.

In this talk Dr Sarah Lane, a researcher from the University of Plymouth, will take us on a journey into the world of anemone fighting. She will reveal that these seemingly simple creatures possess sophisticated weapons which they use to combat rivals over precious space on the shore, giving you a front row view of the incredible lengths anemones will go to in order to protect what’s theirs.

Sarah Lane is a Lecturer in Behaviour and Evolution at the University of Plymouth. She studied her undergraduate degree in Zoology at the University of Exeter, going on to gain a Master’s in Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology. She stayed at Exeter to complete her PhD exploring the role of chemical cues in the mating behaviour of beetles, before moving to the University of Plymouth where she has spent the last six years studying the fighting behaviour of marine invertebrates.

Please note: this talk replaces the earlier planned talk by Duncan Kenny on Seals.