Granny Galactica

Saturday 12th October 2019 7:00PM – 7:00PM
Location/Venue: Norman Lockyer Observatory EX10 0NY

A far-away planet called Eastendia is inhabited by “Fnirks” who are obsessed with eating cream teas and watching out-of-date sitcoms.

The Fnirks have been making their way around various planets, using up their resources and moving on. They are on the lookout for another one and have their sights set on Earth. They send a robot-envoy to Earth who tempts the Granny of the title (a retired astronomer called Doctor Nettle) and her grandchildren into a trans-galactic journey. On the way they pick up Robot Cimon from the International Space Station, Cynthia Satellite from her orbit and Kimsy Kaspian from his home on an asteroid.

They also discover en route that the hold of the spaceship is full of scones, jam and cream and indulge as expected (cue interval and audience participation!). When they get to the Fnirks’ planet they are made to feel welcome but their brains are then forcibly (in a nice sort of way – no death or injury involved!) “read” to see what they can reveal about Earth. This in fact shows that Earth is already damaged and endangered so the Fnirks lose interest. The Earthlings return, having learned the lesson that they really do need to take care of what they’ve got.

David Haines has created this work.  David’s passion for science has informed his work for over 30 years. “Lifetime” (2004) – exploring natural sciences and evolution – led to the creation of South Devon Singers and to David’s role as songwriter-in-residence for the Cambridge Massachusetts Science Festival. Granny Galactica dates from 1989 although today’s performance includes two new songs composed this year.

The event is suitable for the whole family.  Refreshments available.  See poster.

Entry £5 for adults; children free.

Tickets available via the booking link above, or at the door, or contact [email protected] via email, or phone 01626 870107 or 07960 103394.