The Two Moors Pine Marten Project: Could we see pine martens returning to the southwest? – with Tracey Hamston

Saturday 14th October 2023 10:00AM – 10:00AM
Location/Venue: Cellar Bar Kennaway House EX10 8NG

Pine martens are small, charismatic mammals that are a key species of a healthy woodland ecosystem. They have been missing from Devon for 150 years but could be making a comeback.

As species disappear and biodiversity decreases, ecosystems become more fragile, especially in times of environmental pressures such as climate change. Landscape scale restoration, including restoring lost species, is critical to improving the resilience of our habitats. As a small, elusive, tree-climbing carnivore, the pine marten is a missing part of our woodland puzzle. They are also a popular challenge for the keen wildlife observer, and in Scotland make regular garden visitors to the delight of many people.

To find out more about pine martens and how we tackle the challenge of bringing back an endangered, missing species, join us for this talk on 14 October.

The Two Moors Pine Marten Project is a partnership of conservation organisations including Dartmoor National Park Authority, Devon Wildlife Trust, Exmoor National Park Authority, National Trust and Woodland Trust. Dr Tracey Hamston joined the project earlier this year with a background in managing reintroduction projects. She is passionate and experienced in woodland management and restoration as well as engaging the community in local conservation.