Robot workshop

Saturday 16th October 2021 10:30AM – 4:00PM
Location/Venue: Cellar Bar Kennaway House EX10 8NG

Robot workshop with Colin Walls

The Robot Workshop motto is:  Intrigue, Inform, Inspire.

Be intrigued by robot demonstrations (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.), learn something about how it’s done, and hopefully, be inspired to have a go yourself.


Get tips from the experts

DESIGN: TinkerCAD, Fusion360

BUILD: Lego, 3D Printing, Robot Kits

CODE: Python, MicroPython, C++, Forth


Learn about sensors

How can a robot ‘see’?

How can a robot ‘feel’?


Have a go

Try your hand at making a robot from Lego


Pi Wars!

See the winning robots.

How fast can you drive the remote control Mercy Dash?


What to expect

Activity: MicroPython

Roboteers: Colin Walls & David Barlow

WHAT CAN VISITORS SEE: Robots in action controlled by MicroPython

WHAT CAN VISITORS DO: Try programming robots using Thonny and MicroPython


Activity: LegoBots

Roboteers: Colin Walls & David Barlow

WHAT CAN VISITORS SEE: Robots with Lego add-ons working

WHAT CAN VISITORS DO: Construct their own add-ons with Lego and run the robots


Activity: PiWars demo

Roboteers: Phil Hall

WHAT CAN VISITORS SEE: Table 1:  Robot picking up a barrel and returning it to target position under control of a vision system.

Table2:  Video loop of PiWars stuff, plus robot eye view of barrel game. 

WHAT CAN VISITORS DO: Reposition the barrel


Activity: Mercy Dash

Roboteers: Nathan Hall (12 yrs old) plus adult helper

WHAT CAN VISITORS SEE: Remote control robot game; deliver medical supplies over obstacle course

WHAT CAN VISITORS DO: Drive a robot over an obstacle course against the clock.


Activity: The Forth Table

Roboteers: Juergen Pintaske & Paul E. Bennett IEng MIET

WHAT CAN VISITORS SEE: Various simple programming examples (4-bit and up), some running Forth systems and tethered robots.

WHAT CAN VISITORS DO: Try programming using Forth


Activity: Attack of the DrumbleDrone

Roboteers: Bill Harvey

WHAT CAN VISITORS SEE: PiWars entry 2021 toy brick lifting and firing Nerf Balls 

WHAT CAN VISITORS DO: See demo of OpenCV Computer Vision and operate robot by RC 


Activity: Low cost robots in a tabletop warehouse

Roboteers: John Flanagan

WHAT CAN VISITORS SEE: Sub £20 robots, operating a simulated warehouse or on table top, with running commentary display and related videos

WHAT CAN VISITORS DO: Robot eye view of activities, control robot to solve warehouse puzzle