Rosa’s Footprint

Saturday 17th October 2020 11:00AM – 3:00PM
Location/Venue: Kennaway House

Rosa’s story starts in the present day, with a young paddle-boarder Colin, stepping on to the beach below towering red sandstone cliffs, near Sidmouth.

Turning the page, the geological time clock reverts to 240 million years earlier, an age when large crocodile-like, pre-dinosaur reptiles called rauisuchians roamed in the same spot, on what was then land-locked central Pangea.

Rosa is a young rauisuchian, walking with her father Reggie to see a scenic spot he used to visit with his grandfather. Because of rising temperatures, the land has dried up, become desert-like, with swampy mud where clear pools of water should be. Other beasts have stripped the foliage away from trees and left behind half-chewed bones of smaller creatures.

Jo Earlham will launch her book at Kennaway House during the above weekend. There will be copies of the real footprint found in Sidmouth on show and Jo’s book is also available. In the photo on the right Jo is reading from her book to students at Tipton School.

Please note: only 6 people will be allowed in any of the rooms at a time, mask wearing is compulsory and there are no facilities available to the public at the House.