The Science of Sleep – Deborah Pierce

Wednesday 13th October 2021 2:00PM – 2:00PM
Location/Venue: Parish Church Sidmouth EX10 8LG

A good night’s sleep is vital to our mental and physical well-being.  It’s as important to our health as good quality air, fresh water, a nutritious diet and regular exercise.  

But why is sleep so important?  What happens to our brains and bodies while we’re in the Land of Nod? How much sleep do we need? In this talk we’ll explore the mechanisms that trigger sleep, what happens during different phases of sleep and the consequences of not getting enough sleep. Finally, we’ll look at ways of getting a better night’s sleep.

Deborah graduated with a BSc Honours degree in Physics from UCL in 1981.  

After careers in the IT industry and the charity sector, she qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2008, having gained a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

She has a hypnotherapy practice in East Devon and is a hypnotherapy supervisor and former trainer.

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