Soil: A cornerstone of life

Friday 8th October 2021 2:30PM – 2:30PM
Location/Venue: Manor Pavilion Theatre Manor Road Sidmouth EX10 8RP

Did you know that in one teaspoon of soil there are more microorganisms than there are people on Earth?

Although often dismissed as dirt, mud, or muck, soils are vital to our lives in so many ways, from the food we eat and the clothes we wear to the fuels we burn, soils are a cornerstone of life. Without our soils, we would be lost.

In this talk Kate will introduce you to the extraordinary, vast, and intricate world of soils, highlight some of the most pressing issues facing soil health and discuss some of the steps that are being taken to tackle them.

Dr Kate Schofield is a biogeochemist and soil scientist at the University of Plymouth. Kate studies the biology and chemistry of soils, searching for ways to sustainably improve the health of our natural soils, as well as working to sustainably create soils using waste materials.

This event has been organised in conjunction with the Devonshire Association.

Entry: £2 for members and non-memberts alike. No booking required.