Space Weather of the Heliosphere: Processes and Forecasts

Monday 17th July 2017 12:00AM – Friday 21st July 2017 12:00AM

Space weather is increasingly recognised as an international challenge faced by several communities. The ability to understand, monitor and forecast the space weather of the Earth and the heliosphere is of paramount importance for our high-technology society and for the current rapid developments in knowledge and exploration within our Solar System.

The symposium is planned over 5 days from Monday through Friday (including half-day excursion on the Wednesday afternoon). More on the event is available here.

On Wed 19th (afternoon) a joint event will take place with the Norman Lockyer Observatory, which is mainly concerned with public outreach activities, open days and group visits, but also carry out their own space weather monitoring. This includes VLF monitoring of solar flares and measuring the Earth’s magnetic field using magnetometers. A 100mm H-alpha solar telescope is available for public viewing/imaging.

We plan to host an additional public talk at Kennaway House in Sidmouth on Wednesday evening (tbc).