The Supermassive Black Hole at the Centre of our Galaxy

Monday 7th October 2019 7:30PM – 7:30PM
Location/Venue: Norman Lockyer Observatory EX10 0NY

A supermassive black hole lurks at the centre of our Galaxy and we now know that such objects are common-place amongst most big galaxies.

This talk discusses how we know about such phenomena and what it means for the formation and evolution of galaxies in the Universe.

Since graduating in physics and obtaining his PhD in observational cosmology from Queen Mary College, London, Prof Robson has taught, researched and written about cosmology and astrophysics at various universities in the UK. He is particularly interested in submillimetre astronomy, active galaxies, multifrequency observations of blazars and debris disks. He is Assistant General Secretary of the International Astronomical Union.

The event is free.  The talk has been organised by the Norman Lockyer Observatory and Sidmouth Science Festival.