Talk: Around the World in 80 tiles

Tuesday 9th October 2018 7:30PM – 7:30PM
Location/Venue: Kennaway House Coburg Road EX10 8NG

Talk for Ada Lovelace Day by Dr Jennie Golding SFHEA FIMA, UCL Institute of Education

Settling societies have universally adopted ways of preserving and ‘beautifying’ their environment, often beginning with places of worship. Where surfaces need protecting, geometry is a natural tool to analyse and structure that decoration, giving rise to tilings of different sorts. How did early societies construct intricate and compellingly satisfying designs, and how do we know? In this hands-on session, we’ll consider a range of stunning tilings developed globally and over time. We’ll use paper folding to understand some of the underlying structural, geometric and aesthetic considerations involved. Primary/lower secondary school geometry and a willingness to ‘have a go’ will be all that’s needed to access these beautiful ideas, but there will be a few more sophisticated mathematical tidbits pointed to, for those who are interested.

Suitable for 11-101 year olds

Venue: Cellar Bar

The event is free.