What do we know about the nature of light?

Saturday 12th October 2019 10:30AM – 11:30AM
Location/Venue: Parish Church Sidmouth EX10 8LG

There is a long history of scepticism regarding science’s ability to provide knowledge of reality unobservable by our naked senses.

In this talk Dr. Juha Saatsi (University of Leeds) reviews changing attitudes towards the boundaries of knowledge in the history of science, and explores the current relevance of this area of philosophy of science to the understanding of our theories of light.

Dr Saatsi is Associate Professor in Philosophy of Science at University of Leeds. He works on various topics in philosophy of science with a particular interest in the nature and extent of scientific knowledge.He’s the editor of The Routledge Handbook of Scientific Realism (Routledge, 2018) and Scientific Realism and the Quantum (OUP, forthcoming). www.juha-saatsi.org