Jet Car Build and Race

Sunday 15th October 2023 10:30AM – 10:30AM
Location/Venue: Norman Lockyer Observatory EX10 0NY

Build and race your own rocket propelled car.

From 10.30 am onwards we are offering you a chance to build your own Jet Car. You can purchase the kits on site and they will cost £7.50 each. As the numbers are limited we would offer one kit per family please.

You can also build your own car at home, ahead of time, using a kit ordered in advance. Book the kits using the Book Now link, which will go live from 9 September.

The race rules and build instructions are available via this link.  

The Jet Car Races will start outside the Observatory building from 15.00 (double check start time on the day because of potential weather impact). Prizes will be awarded for the fastest car and most interesting car.