Jet Car Race for Home built jet cars

Sunday 15th October 2017 12:30PM – 12:30PM

This is the first of two jet car races for the day, and is for those who have already built their cars at home.

Jet Car Home Design and Build:  A limited number of rocket-propelled jet car kits are available for people to carefully design and build their own personalized jet car for racing on Sunday 15th October at the Norman Lockyer Observatory. There will be prizes for both the fastest and best conceived cars. We expect some top speeds of in excess of 40 mph and some really wacky designs! There will be a small charge (£5) to cover the kit cost.  To order your kit please book via the Eventbrite booking link above. Here you can download A full set of instructions for Home Design and Build and the Race Rules. Please hand in your car to a Race Official prior to racing at 11:30.

(The second race – for those who build their cars on the site on the day – will take place from 2.00pm.)

Venue: Norman Lockyer Observatory, EX10 0NY, booking required – see button on the top right of this page.

Price for entrance to the Norman Lockyer site: £8 for adults (Children free). NB. Payment by CASH ONLY at the door.  

There is no separate charge for the activities on site.