Sidmouth Science Festival: 7-18 October 2015

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The theme of the 2015 Festival will be 'Science in our Lives'.

Welcome to the fourth Sidmouth Science Festival brought to you by a team of volunteers from the Vision Group for Sidmouth (VGS), part of the Transition Town Movement.

With so many technical issues being faced by society we believe that our communities will make better decisions if they have a deeper understanding of the underlying science and technology. We aim to makepeople aware of how the STEM subjects (science, technology engineering and maths) play a part in what we take for granted in everyday life. We are very pleased that the University of Exeter is a key partner again this year.

Science Festival Team


The University of Exeter is delighted to be a key partner again for this year’s Sidmouth Science Festival. There is an exciting programme of events and we are particularly pleased that we have the opportunity to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day as part of the Festival. Ada was a mathematician, and often regarded as a pioneer in the field of computing. Her work was crucial in helping us to understand how computers might work – something we all take for granted today. This is one example of the way science touches all of our lives, and we hope you enjoy the Festival which offers many other insights into how science works for us all.

Mark Goodwin

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

University of Exeter





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