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This year we are delighted to move towards as 'normal' a Festival as possible between 7 October and 17 october 2021. However, due to Covid related risks we are moving all events planned at the Norman Lockyer Observatory for 17 October 2021 to Kennaway Lawn on 9 October 2021. Here is a quick link to a short pdf of the programme and a handy map you can download and print.

All the venues will have Covid protocols in place to minimise risks, and these will be revised as needed if government advice changes. Therefore,

  • We encourage people to wear a face mask in indoor spaces if possible and to observe physical distancing and good hygiene at outdoor events too.
  • All children will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Photography will be taking place in all the venues. If you or your family prefer not to be included in any photos, please speak with the Steward in the venue.
  • We ensure Covid related rules are in place and adhered to, as specified at the time by the Government. In any case, do be polite to your fellow visitors and observe physical distancing and other safety measures.
  • Every venue will have details of who to contact in any incidents.
  • Please feel free to speak with the Stewards if you need further information.

The Cafe Scientifique and other events, such as the Biodiversity series will continue to take place throughout the year.


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